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The First Biodesign Team of Turkey (TBT)

TBT is a joint research study and project development platform which was founded by 8 members from Ege and Dokuz Eylul Universities according to "Multidisciplinary Collaborative Work Protocol" in May 2016. TBT is the pioneering team of Turkey on Biodesign

Activities on Design and Engineering

Since 2014 TBT has been pursuing different enterprises in the areas of architecture and various engineering fields. Please follow our activities from Our Works section.

Togetherness different disciplines

One of the most important qualities of TBT is that it is based on interdisciplinary relations in its activities by gathering together individuals from different disciplines such as bioengineering, architecture, design, civil engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, electronical engineering.

Signing creative projects...

TBT acts on the basis of creative thinking with all its projects and works.

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